Visiting Blue Heron

Asked August 31, 2017, 12:20 PM EDT

We have 30 some free range chickens and an enormous blue Heron has decided to come live with us. We do lock up chickens at night due to neighborhood fox. We do have very small pond made from rain water runoff that had frogs which he seems to have eaten. Not big deal. But just now it looked like he was stalking out resting chickens!!! They are big chickens about 6 months old and big. Will the Heron eat the chickens? I know it will the babies but they are in the covered pen. What can we do to either make him go away or not eat the chickens?! Thanks a bunch,

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

The heron is not interested in the chickens. Here is more information from Cornell on their diet.
You may want to cover the pond with netting to protect other amphibians or frogs.
If you have additional questions, contact the Nuisance Wildlife Information Line at1-877-463-6497. They offer ways to deal with nuisance wildlife.