Counting tillers in annual grass, including Microstegium vimineum

Asked August 31, 2017, 11:45 AM EDT

Hello, I am a Calvert County MG and I'll be offering an Invasive Plant ID workshop next month. In the workshop participants will handle cut samples from multiple invasive plant species and their native lookalikes.
Like many other residents and land managers, I utilize multiple techniques to control Microstegium vimineum on my property, including herbicide use. One particular herbicide cites effectiveness based on the number of "tillers" in Japanese Stiltgrass as well as other annual grasses like Crabgrass. Therefore, I am considering adding a new exercise for the workshop that covers "counting tillers," however I have not found a publication or good illustration that specifically shows how to inspect for the absence or presence of tillers in Japanese Stiltgrass.
So, my question for you is, have you seen a publication that covers the growth cycle of J. Stiltgrass, showing pre-tiller and various tillered stages? Please let me know! Thanks for your help.
Carla Porter

Calvert County Maryland stiltgrass tillering

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We do not have this information. Take a look at The Field Guide to Identification of Japanese Stiltgrass by Alabama Extension

and search Wikipedia for more information on tillering.