japaneese beetles

Asked August 31, 2017, 6:16 AM EDT

I had a problem with Japanese beetles on my blackberry plants and rose bushes this summer . I have a small garden .Is their anything organically that I can do that will help next summer such as neem oil or anything else? Thanks, Croc

Hardin County Kentucky

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For those seeking a botanical alternative, Neem products such as Azatrol or Neem-Away (Gardens Alive), or Pyola (pyrethrins in canola oil) provide about 3-4 days deterrence of Japanese beetle feeding. Insecticidal soap, extracts of garlic, hot pepper, or orange peels, and companion planting, however, are generally ineffective.

With all products, foliage and flowers should be thoroughly treated. The application may need to be repeated to prevent reinfestation during the adult flight period. Follow label directions and avoid spraying under windy conditions or when bees are foraging. Be sure the insecticide is registered for use on the plant or crop you intend to spray. If it is a food crop, note the minimum number of days that must be observed between the date of the last application and the date of harvest.