Asked August 30, 2017, 7:54 PM EDT

After brining the cabbage, can you can it? Do you have a recipe for brining and canning (using mason jars) it? Thx so much! Susan Patterson

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After your kraut is fermented and sour you can safely can it using a boiling water canner. You can use hot pack method where you heat the kraut and liquid, put hot kraut into clean canning jars leaving 1/2 inch head space, adjust lids and rings and process pints 10 minutes and quarts 15 minutes OR you can raw pack it by filling the jars with cold kraut and liquid leaving 1/2 inch head space, and processing pints 20 minutes and quarts 25 minutes.

Complete instructions for making and canning kraut can be found in the PNW 355 Picking Vegetables pg. 11. This publication can be downloaded on the OSU Extension Food Preservation website.

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