Only our red oaks have this problem.

Asked August 30, 2017, 7:38 PM EDT

2 months ago we noticed every red oak on our farm had a problem. The leaves all over the trees began to curl upwards showing the backs of the leaves. These leaves shrunk, curled tighter and are now brown and falling .leaving the trees with about 1/4 the original leaves. No new leaves appeared almost as if the trees are unable to recuperate. We have 186 acres of mixed hardwoods under good management but every single red oak is sick! We have corn and soybean fields but if this is herbicide drift, nothing else is affected. There are no weeping sores on the bark, no serious insect presence, trees in the interior of the forest are affected equally to those surrounding the fields and in our yard, and all ages of red oaks are affected. This does not appear to be oak wilt, oak decline or bacterial wilt.

Essex County Virginia

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