ground cover for slop and around perennials

Asked August 30, 2017, 4:21 PM EDT

We have an area in our yard (15' x 100') that is slopped and hard to mow. We are in the process of killing the grass and plan to plant native perennials and those that are attractive to pollinators. Is there a ground cover that is low and won't choke out the perennials but would help keep out weeds. We don't want to use mulch if possible. A woman at the State Fair from Petersen Sales in Askov, MN suggested Blue Grama. I read on one web site that it grows 6-24" and I don't think I want it that tall. (6-8 would be great.)

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Here is a link to our publication on ground covers for rough sites. Browse through the suggestions and match your soil type/moisture/sun or shade and preferences.