Tomato Variety

Asked August 30, 2017, 4:09 PM EDT

My late father grew a variety of tomato that was excellent for making sauce. I do not have any of the tomatoes and am hoping someone can tell me what they may be by my description. The tomato is about the size of a hard ball and slightly oblong, has a point like a roma tomato with few seads and a meaty flesh. It is almost if they are a cross between a roma and something else but they definitly are not roma. Unfortunately I am blind and can not see photos or I would probably be able to pick it out. thank you, Sam

Niagara County New York plum tomato

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This sounds like a variety of plum tomato (also known as a paste or processing tomato). Romas are also plum tomatoes, but are among the smaller varieties. Plum tomatoes are generally oval or cylindrical in shape, with fewer seeds than standard round tomatoes and a generally higher solid content. I've come across many recommendations for the plum varieties 'Amish Paste' and 'San Marzano Redorta', which are both large varieties with intense flavor. Perhaps your father grew one of these. Other possibilities are 'Mama Leone', or 'Russian Big Roma'