Oak Tree

Asked August 30, 2017, 10:38 AM EDT

I have an oak on property that is displaying, wilting leaves that are turning brown and dropping off. I am writing to see if I can get some help in identifying what is wrong with the tree (wilt, blight, etc) and what to do about it so it may slow down the spreading of whatever is wrong to the rest of the beautiful oaks on property.

Chisago County Minnesota

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The photos lack the detail needed to be certain what's affecting the tree. You may be able to determine the cause by using the following diagnostic tools. Carefully compare the condition of your tree's leaves to the photos and symptoms found there:


The leaves in the photos are so distorted we aren't entirely sure what oak species you have but we think it's a white oak. It's important to know this when diagnosing disease.

Tubakia is common on oak trees at this time of year. You may be able to confirm or rule out its presence by using the tools. If not and you remain concerned, ask a certified arborist to assess the tree's health onsite and recommend a course of action.

Please note that tubakia symptoms on white oak leaves look different than those on red oaks.

If you believe tubakia is present, follow these control recommendations: