Insect identification please

Asked August 30, 2017, 3:12 AM EDT

Hi there! I live in the Crooked River Grasslands and took the attached images on August 23rd of this year. I found these on the flower buds of my large sage brush. They were VERY small, not even handlable. The second images shows what I assumed to be their own eggs they must have recently emerged from. I took a video that I think might be helpful also: (when reviewing the video on my end it looked burry, but wasn't blurry on my phone when I uploaded it, please direguard and accept my apologies if it is blurry).

Jefferson County Oregon

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Very interesting. Is it possible to bring some of these into the extension office in Redmond? We are located on the fairgrounds, just off parking lot D. I cannot see them well enough and they may be immature forms. My preliminary thought is a type of plant/stink bug but again I cannot see them well enough. I would love to be able to see them live. Ask for me, Toni or at least have the office staff save them for me.

Sadly I haven't seen them since! But if I see them again, I will bring them in. Thanks for your time!

The images attached are pretty clear though, did they not come through nicely?