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Asked August 29, 2017, 9:05 PM EDT

I hate killing spiders however I have an infestation of these bigger ones. I've been bitten years back by a confirmed BrRec (took it to USF for confirmation) my venom response was minor (no necrosis). Question: is there anyone out there I can mail the corpse to who can confirm my suspicion? USF no longer does this. Pic attached. (I do not see the violin look on THIS one but not sure the type). If he's harmless he's welcome to stay rent free ;)

Yakima County Washington

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Dear Client,

You certainly can bring spider samples to the WSU Extension office here in Union Gap (2403 S. 18th Street, Suite 100) for identification. Typically Master Gardener volunteers will look at the spider first to make an identification. If they are unsure as to the identity, they will bring the sample to me.

The spider in the image is not a brown recluse spider. One common misconception is that brown recluse spiders are native to Washington State. They are not found in Washington State, but are native to SE North America.


We do have funnel weaver spiders like the hobo spider and the giant house spider in the Yakima area. I suspect that your spider is one of these two species. I have to look at characters of the spider's mouthparts and underside of the abdomen to identify your spider to species. And the male spiders are active right now as they search indoors and outdoors for female spiders of the same species. Both hobo spiders and giant house spiders are large enough to bite humans, but only in self-defense. Studies performed at WSU in Pullman indicate that the spider venom is not toxic to humans. Of course, any puncture like a spider bite can become infected and become a health risk. WSU Extension does have a fact sheet on hobo and giant house spiders found at:


Don't hesitate to bring us your spider/insect for identification. Hope this helps.