Queen Anne's Lace toxic?

Asked August 29, 2017, 8:59 PM EDT

There is a discussion in our livestock group...some say queen anne's lace is toxic to horse and goats. It is in our pastures, some say horses have become neurologically unstable after ingestion. What is the consensus at MSU?

Oakland County Michigan

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wild carrot (daucus carota) is not generally considered a poisonous pasture or hay plant in Michigan. I am not aware of problems with horses and goats. My expertise in the area is limited.

A couple MSU Extension pieces about poisonous pasture plants:



Does anyone else with more experience have an opinion? One woman is adamant that MSU diagnosed a horse with Queen Anne's lace (QAL)toxicity. Is toxic the same as poisonous? Are the terms interchangeable? We have found articles that insist that it is toxic, and others say it does not pose a problem. The discussion revolves around offering horses and goats hay with QAL in it....ok, or not?

Queen Anne's Lace has the potential for mild toxicity, but I have never seen a problem with the plant. If adequate forage (hay or pasture), horses tend to avoid eating much of the plant. Also, I have not seen a problem with goats eating the plant. However, don't confuse Queen Anne's Lace with Poison Hemlock which is poisonous. See the following websites: