Asparagus Ferns

Asked August 29, 2017, 4:41 PM EDT

We live in a condo that used to have a large garden, but since everyone is getting so old, they have grassed in all but a patch of our asparagus.....6 plants. They have just come to me and asked me to get rid of the plants, because the ferns are so tall and unsightly. We got a good crop last year, and I hesitate to do this. Is there any way I can trim them so they won't look so bad? They are very tall this year, and a trimming might satisfy these people. If so, how much can i trim them down. Thank you, Sally

Freeborn County Minnesota

3 Responses

After harvest the ferns need to grow until fall to replenish the energy needed to produce a crop the next spring. We don't know of any way to change that equation in a way that will satisfy the critics in the long run.

Might it be possible to screen the patch with a decorative fence or shrubs that have more eye appeal?

Thanks, Bob. You gave me the ammunition I needed. They said they thought they were dill, and gave
up hassling me. We'll enjoy our asparagus next year, thanks to you.

Maybe you can gift the critics with a few spears next spring. But I suppose not everyone likes asparagus. Good luck.