Tree problem

Asked August 29, 2017, 8:55 AM EDT

Hi, Yesterday, I noticed that my honey locust (before this year a virtually perfect tree!) had a branch that looked weird (see attached photo). I went to investigate. That branch is dead, as are many of the other smaller branches, mostly on one side. Seems like the bigger branches are fine. What is this? What is the prognosis? Is there anything I can do to help this tree? Thanks, Andy Tix

Dakota County Minnesota

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It is possible that what you are seeing is just lichen. This by itself is not harmful to the tree. If you are concerned that there is more going on with your tree, I'd recommend getting a close look at your tree to inspect leaves and branches, and then compare any concerns with the web link below. Are there many dead branches? Do you see any damage or cracks in the trunk or damage on the branches? Do you see any fungi growing along the trunk? This website below provides information about common problems for honeylocusts. If the resources above don't help answer your questions and you still have concerns, you could consider having an arborist look at the tree. Some cities have arborists or foresters on staff that are able to look at homeowners trees. This person would be able to get a good picture of the overall picture of the whole health and situation of the tree. If your city does not have an arborist, you could also hire one as well.