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Asked August 28, 2017, 8:44 PM EDT

Again, this isn't a question. I've had terrible problems with leaf diseases on cucumbers the last five or six years. This year I did a little research--Cornell's site plus reading the catalog descriptions carefully--and decided to try Diva cucumber. Johnny's Selected Seeds said this: "Diva produces distinctly tender, crisp, sweet, bitter-free, and seedless cukes. Adapted to open-field production and protected cropping. Harvest at 5-7". Gynoecious and parthenocarpic. High resistance to scab; and intermediate resistance to cucumber vein yellow virus, downy mildew and powdery mildew. AAS winner." Seeds 'n Such said: "Vines packed with exceptional disease resistance." I planted three hills June 21, thinned to one plant per hill (very small growing space), and trained the three plants up three small tomato cages. They've grown well and I have been giving away excess cucumbers. The plants are still relatively healthy, producing still, and just now showing slight brown spots on a few leaves. I can send a few photos if you have an interest or use. Bob Nixon, Clarksville ### P.S. Thanks for the answer to my tomato-leaf query. Yes, septoria is the answer, and the one plant I thought might have early blight really has septoria also, with some yellowing around brown spots but no halo. Bob N. ###

Howard County Maryland

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Hi Bob,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with growing the 'Diva' variety. Disease "resistant" does not mean disease "immune." Even the varieties that have disease resistance can succumb to problems. Downy mildew is something we are seeing quite a lot of right now in cucumbers. 'Diva' is also supposed to be resistant to downy mildew, but again, that doesn't mean it's immune to it -- or other leaf spot diseases. If your plants have produced so well already and are just now starting to show leaf-spot symptoms, we'd say that is pretty good success!