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Asked August 28, 2017, 11:05 AM EDT

I live in a community with a dog park. My own dog, as well as two other young dogs, regularly play together at the park. All three of them have had intermittent skin rashes on their belly area over the course of the summer. All three of the owners have had at least one visit with a veteranarian, with treatment ranging from antibiotics to steroids, and diagnosis primarily focused on bacterial infection or allergies. Each of the dogs has improved and then relapsed when treatment regimen is complete. At this stage, I am suspecting that there is something in the soil, possibly related to the land's prior use. We understand it had been a turkey farm. The grass is not treated with any chemicals. Are you able to provide a soil analysis that may help us pinpoint the cause.

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

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You will need to contact the Soil Testing laboratory directly.


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