red brown wasps

Asked August 27, 2017, 9:48 PM EDT

I have had an infestation of these narrow waisted wasps in the soil in my garden for 2 summers. They seem to be nesting in the ground in a flower bed. They're not too aggressive. There is a slowly rotting pine tree stump in the flower bed.with large roots. Also iris & hellebores & daylilies.. . I cant see an entrance to a ground nest or a paper nest. They are reddish brown colored without stripes. Whats the best way to get them out of the flower bed? Do I have to trim everything back? Dig up the bed after spraying with wasp and hornet spray?.

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These are probably solitary ground-nesting wasps. They are beneficial insects and docile, as you mentioned. They are also short-lived. We'd recommend taking no action. They are attracted to dry bare "soft" (worked up) soil.

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It would be helpful if you sent us a photo of the wasps. Then we can give you a positive identification and may be able to be more helpful.