Trimming Leyland Cypress and Arbor Vitae Trees

Asked August 25, 2017, 4:53 PM EDT

Dear U Md Extension Service,
Thanks for you recent response; appreciate the info!
QUESTION 1: Are there any special concerns, or instructions, about trimming of the subject trees:
- height and
- width,
- tools,
- frequency, and
- time of year?
QUESTION 2: Are there special care and treatment recommendations:
- watering,
- fertilizing and feeding (including, types [10-20-10 ???]),
- frequency,
- planting time,
- danger to pets, animals, & environment, and
- infestations (such as "bag worms")

Frederick County Maryland trees and shrubs pruning tree cultural care of leylands and arborvitae

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In answer to your first question:
These trees grow well on their own and do not require any trimming or pruning.
In the best case scenario, these trees are planted in sites well-suited to not only their cultural requirements, but also in places where they can grow to their mature size.

If you've not planted yet, we'd steer you towards the Arborvitae, which come in multiple sizes so you can plan for their eventual size, and seem to be hardier and less problematic over the long term.

For your second question, take a look at this page from our website which covers the best way to select,plant and care for trees and shrubs:
The best time to plant is early spring.

They pose no "danger to pets, animals, & environment".
Bagworms are occasionally a problem, and here is our page about them and how to best manage them: