Name this Plant

Asked August 24, 2017, 2:27 PM EDT

I moved to Cockeysville Md. 40 years ago on to 4 wooded acres, and found this plant growing wild. I have since " tamed " it to be a low ground-cover on a small ( 50' X 100') patch of lawn I cut out of the forest for my kids to play on. Grass does not grow well here....but this plant began " invading " my lawn....and with regular mowing it actually does quite well...and has taken over much of the " lawn " from my grass. In wilder patches on my property it gets about one to two feet tall. I am including two picture of the plant in the wild and in full " flower " with the Red-Purple small bead-like flowers on a long thin stem...and the other picture of it as a low ground-cover on my lawn. What is the name of the plant ....and how does it reproduce.

Baltimore County Maryland

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This is Pennsylvania smartweed, a native plant. It is highly beneficial to wildlife. It's many uses are given in this fact sheet: The pink flowers produce seeds that spread the plant.