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Asked August 24, 2017, 11:58 AM EDT

Hoping u can answer some questions here is my story: in June, my son (his room is in the finished attic) found a bug and he had several bites. He woke up with bites on several occasions over the next few weeks. He said it looked like a bed bug but did not keep it. On July 2nd we found 2 bats in our basement, both alive. One in our dogs water bowl, the other in the utility sink. We removed them from the house. A week later there was a bat in our living room. We opened the doors and it flew out. On July 30th he found another bug in his room. We thought it was a bed bug also. We took it to our local Penn State coop. We called exterminator and our house was treated for bed bugs on August 9th. On August 10th the Penn State Coop called and said the bug was a bat bug. I also found a baby bat bug that day on my bathroom floor. We notified the exterminator and he checked our crawl space and found no evidence. We cut 2 more access panels in the attic and called 2 additional exterminators. Both did inspections but could not find any evidence of bats living in our house. We also have watched the house in the morning and evening to pinpoint where they could be coming in. In the 7 days we watched we saw no bats flying in or out of the house. We did fill in a few gaps that were found and we are having our chimney repointed, lined and sealed. Today, August 24th, we found an adult bug in the attic (looked very flat and unfed). Called the exterminator again. How long do these bugs live? Will they reproduce? Is there anything else I should do to get rid of them?

Lawrence County Pennsylvania

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I do not know the normal life span of bat bugs, but bed bugs are known to live for many months without feeding. Bat bugs can sustain themselves for some time on human blood, but they require bat hosts to survive and reproduce. See for a good report and bed bugs, bat bugs and their relatives.