When to harvest watermelon

Asked August 23, 2017, 7:05 PM EDT

Hello, I am growing Crimson Sweet watermelon. They are pretty big (kind of typical of the size you see at grocery stores - though they are more round than they are oval). I'm not sure when to harvest them. The vines and leaves are starting to slightly turn greenish-yellow. Most of the watermelon have a "yellow" patch on the underside but the stem connecting the watermelon to the vine is still pretty green and I thought you have to wait until that turns yellow or brown. I noticed one big watermelon had turned "rotten" - I guess I hadn't been checking on it and it is split in half and soft and mushy with bugs eating it through. Is that an indication that it was ripe and I missed it? I sowed seeds on May 15 and I can't really remember the "days to maturity." Thanks!

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Watermelon can be harvested in 68 to 95 days from planting, depending on variety. The rind on the underside of the melon will turn from white to pale yellow.

Unless a prolonged dry spell strikes, stop watering when the fruits begin to ripen. If they don’t get too much moisture during the last week or two, the fruits will have better flavor. See our vegetable profile on watermelon http://extension.umd.edu/learn/vegetable-profiles-watermelon