Cobwebs on my tree?

Asked August 23, 2017, 5:04 PM EDT

I noticed these cobweb/cocoon-like webs on my Kwanzan cherry tree a couple of weeks ago. What is causing them, and do I need to worry about it? In the last few days, one of the webs looks like it disappeared, but the leaves it held have fallen off and now that area is bare wood with no leaves.

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

The webbing and /or larvae in the photo looks like webbing from the fall webworm.
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There are predators and parasitoids that attack and kill fall webworm. You can open the webbing with a pole pruner and expose the contents to birds. The webworms rarely consume enough leaves to affect growth. Larvae are or will be getting ready to pupate and no chemical control is recommended. Your tree should be fine next season.