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Asked August 22, 2017, 1:31 PM EDT

my little girl stays inside my sunroom all day goes out an hour or two before bedtime why she is eating and drinking

my little girl eats and drinks inside she is getting fat but she stays inside from morning to night goes out an hour or two before going to her coop should I call a vet??? she is only 2 an quit laying about a year ago

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Your bird does not see to want to go outside if she can sit in the sun without threat of a predator. Be sure the hen is eating a 16% crude protein layer diet and has plenty of water. She should have 16 hours of light per day, so if it is dim or dark in the room, you may need to add light to keep her in lay. If she is eating and drinking and moving around, she should start laying again after feed and light are given.

Thanks, G.