Can I plant fall bearing raspberry plants in the fall?

Asked August 21, 2017, 10:55 PM EDT

Hello, I want to add some new cultivars to my raspberry plot. Am looking at fall-bearing varieties that I cut off the canes each spring. Can new plants be planted in the fall? If so, when do you recommend? Should any special care be given newly planted raspberry plants before winter arrives? Thank you.

Faribault County Minnesota

1 Response

The University of Minnesota really recommends planting in spring for all varieties. I believe they will establish better at that time vs. other times of the year. A couple layers of mulch can be used around plantings. Choosing a cultivar that has good hardiness for your area will help it do well over the winters. See the website below for growing raspberries in Minnesota - for both care and also selection of plants. The University of Wisconsin also has some additional information about pruning that you may find useful.