Can I plant Asparagus crowns in the fall in Minnesota?

Asked August 21, 2017, 10:52 PM EDT

Hello, I am wondering if there is proven success in planting asparagus crowns in the fall? I have time to do it now, would like a head start on the busy spring, and wondering: 1) Any special tips or tricks to planting crowns in the fall? 2) When exactly should I plant them? 3) Should I mulch them heavy? If so, when? 4) Do I still just fill in the trench a couple inches now in the fall, then add dirt to the trench in the spring as the asparagus appears? Thank you.

Faribault County Minnesota

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For best results, it is recommended that asparagus be planted in early spring. See below for some links to information about growing asparagus in the home garden.

I would like to thank you for replying, but sad to say, you did not reply to my question answer it.

Subsequently, should I copy and paste my question again?

The response given you by the previous Master Gardener was correct. However, if you already have the crowns, they will not still be viable in the spring so you will have to plant them now. Follow the directions as though you were spring planting but make sure to mulch them very well and then hope they make it. You may have to put a bit more soil on top prior to the mulch. Good luck. Here is that link once again:

"response given you by the previous Master Gardener was correct"? Except that did not answer my question and subpoints. At least you *did* tell me to mulch heavy and add some extra dirt before freeze up. But seriously... I re-read what I wrote and it's quite clear what I was asking. What the initial reply was did contain correct information, but sure did not answer the question. If I were a bit more testy, I would suggest studying reading dynamics, e.g. Evelyn Woods style courses. I am waiting until spring. However... as I initially stated, I have time and resources available *now*, hence the inquiry about whether "there is proven success in planting asparagus crowns in the fall?"

There is no proven success in fall planting that I am aware of.

Thank you.