Type of wasp

Asked August 21, 2017, 1:34 PM EDT

What type is this. They are 2 to 3+ times in size of anything else. How to get rid of them. They are attracted to light at night, and very hard to kill with wasp and hornet spray. I also don't know where their nest is considering I only see them at night 90% of the time.

Franklin County Pennsylvania

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This looks to be a cicada killer, who preys on cicadas, carrying them off to their burrows in the ground. Not much of a threat to humans but can be a nuisance. Some suggestions are given in this report:

Thanks, G.

The color pattern looks different in the article.

here is a size pic and some others for reference. Do you still think that is what this is?

wife found a pic of a european hornet. this looks closer

Thank you for showing the face of the insect. Yes this is european hornets, one of the larger hornets in the N. USA. Flying at night fits their life cycle.

Extension info on these insects:



Sevin Dust applied to the opening to their nest (hollow tree) will help carry deep into the nest to kill them. With winter coming the nest will die and the queen will over winter to start a new nesting site. Consult a pest control technician to help hunt and kill the hornets near you.

Thanks, G.