River Birch struggling

Asked August 21, 2017, 12:28 PM EDT

Our River Birch is about 20 yrs old. Currently one trunk looks like it is dying. Pictures show if from a few different views. I know we have beetles from the chewing on the leaves, also pictured. We did a new patio adjacent to the tree two summers ago- could the roots be stressed? Or do we have something else going on? Do you recommend removing the large trunk that is struggling?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Birch trees are relatively short-lived. Here is some information from the USDA about growing birches:https://www.na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/howtos/ht_birch/ht_birch.htm

It could be that you have construction damage. It often takes quite a while for symptoms to show up. The leaves look like they've been attacked by Japanese beetles (who love birches but rarely do significant damage).

I would advise having an arborist come out and look at the tree since I'm guessing you would love to keep it. Don't be afraid to ask the arborist for his/her experience. Here is additional information: http://www.extension.umn.edu/garden/yard-garden/trees-shrubs/how-to-hire-a-professional-arborist/