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Asked August 21, 2017, 5:52 AM EDT

I live in a 70-year-old house and am in the process of remodeling. I had a bat enter my living quarters and fly around on two occasions. I believe it was the same bat because the first time it was caught and released into the wild, and the second time it was sent to be tested for rabies. It tested negative. Could I speak with you by phone, please. I believe the problem might be rats living in the dirt portion of my basement. I base that belief on the fact that I had a mouse infestation in my kitchen cabinets in the early spring. I thought that problem was taken care of since all points where they could enter the house were closed by using Great Stuff. The dirt portion of the basement is not accessible to humans because of a concrete wall. There are loud thumping noises in the night which makes me believe it is rats. I have heard them in the walls of the living room which is located over the dirt portion. I would deeply appreciate any advice. My phone number is 336-469-7167.

Wilkes County North Carolina

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