Tomato leaf disease(s)

Asked August 20, 2017, 5:15 PM EDT

I've always called my late-season tomato leaf disease "Early Blight," but one of your recent postings about tomato diseases made me reconsider, so I've looked at several of the entries on the HGIC website about tomato diseases and have just about concluded that most of the late-season problem I have is more likely to be septoria leaf spot. The lesions on all but one of the plants don't have even faint halos, as they should if it's early blight. I'm attaching three photos. *8685 shows typical leaves (I think from a Juliet), with the lesions going through the leaves and with no halos. *8688 shows lesions on the stem, perhaps another clue. *8687 is of a Celebrity hybrid plant showing the overall problem. I cannot remember that I've had such a bad problem so early in the growing season, but we've had so much rain this year that I'll point in that direction. On a positive note, I have one plant that has been minimally affected by leaf diseases and rain checking or cracking of the fruit. It was a free sample from Seeds 'n Such: Warrior 5443 (VFFFAStTylcv). Wow, that cultivar must have gone to all the tomato universities in the world! It's a determinate variety, about 4' tall, and will give me 15, maybe 20, medium-sized fruit. I picked a half dozen today and will send a photo if you are interested. Bob Nixon, HoCo MG (emeritus).

Howard County Maryland

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Bob, everyone here at HGIC says "hello!"
The septoria leaf spot and early blight co-occur at the same time in the season. With the early blight you will see the yellow halos, and with septoria you will sometimes see yellowing around the spotted areas as well. Our warm, humid weather is ideal for these two diseases. They are really a challenge to manage in our climate. We will have to check out the Warrior 5443 variety you mentioned. Thanks for the tip!