Vicious weed needs identification and destruction!

Asked August 20, 2017, 3:37 PM EDT

I hope you can help me (and my neighbor). The attached pictures show a weed that has infested my garden and now is at my neighbors despite no garden connection between the two. I spend 90% of my weeding time dealing with these and they just keep coming back. Now my tomato/herb/"greens" raised bed garden has been overrun and no amount of weeding will help. The only thing I can think to do is to have someone come in and dig the whole thing up and replace the soil. What is the wretched thing? Is there anything short of wholesale removal and replacement of the soil that could kill this? Thanks in advance former (lapsed) Howard County MGer

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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It may be wild violets. The main photo is not a typical leaf, but the leaves in the first photo that are not facing the camera, look like wild violet. Please look at wild violet leaves in a search engine such as google.

Here is our webpage on wild violet control measures:

If, upon looking at more photos, you do not think you have wild violets (don't expect the pretty flowers like you'll see in the photos), please send us photos or more leaves, flowers if you can, seed pods, and roots.


This could be related to a wild violet but these weeds are much bigger. Also, they are not in turf (no grass in my yard.) They are in my strawberry patches and in with the pacassandra. Attaching two more pictures including a close up of the roots. Thanks

That does look like healthy, happy violets.
They don't just grow in lawns, and can with great vigor, become populated in beds.
You don't need to remove the soil, but you do need to try and dig out the bulblets at the base of the plant, under the soil. Just weeding out the greens just makes them grow more.
The only good news we can give you is that it is a native and the only plant our native fritillary butterfly can feed and reproduce on.