Buttercups in Forage?

Asked August 19, 2017, 10:53 PM EDT

Buttercups (Ranunclus Bulbosus) I have them in pastures and hay fields, the information I have read says ok in hay. Sara BhaduriHauck had a paper in May 28, 2013, which I found well written and informative, Controlling Buttercups in Pastures. Also other information I have found says the same. My question is, if I did baleage, wrapping round bales, will there still be toxic for cows, hay cured says ok, baleage would only be partially cured? But would the toxin cook out in the fermentation process? Thanks, Jack Strange strangej@ptd.net

Tioga County Pennsylvania pastures and forages

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Hi Jack:

How prevalent are the buttercups in your hay fields? Are we talking a small percentage or a lot? I sent a note to our weed specialist to ask his opinion about producing baleage.

As for the pasture, most animals will not consume poisonous plants unless that is all they have to eat. So, if you have plenty of other forage in the fields, you are not very likely to have problems.