Weeping cherry not growing

Asked August 19, 2017, 9:38 PM EDT

Tim, here are some photos you requested. 1st in front of my house - you can see how short it is. 2nd is from other side. I can't mow or weedeat around it because the branches bend when they reach the ground and spread all over the ground. I don't know how to prune it because it's not growing like any tree I've ever had. It was about 2' tall sapling with limbs shaped to grow from left and right when I bought it. All the other trees looked the same. 3rd is trunk up to limbs.

Haywood County North Carolina trees and shrubs

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It appears that the branching began too low on the trunk, not allowing the lateral branches to fully expand before contacting the ground. It is possible through some corrective pruning to lift the canopy over time but I would need to be on site to figure out the best course of action. I am in Pender County, NC. You may want to call your local agent, Sarah Scott, at the Haywood Extension Center (828-456-3575). Pruning should be done during the dormant season.