Brown spruce

Asked August 19, 2017, 5:03 PM EDT

What do you think this is? (See attached picture) The shrub was planted 1 year ago, is near a sprinkler head so it should be getting enough water. It started in one spot and is now moving to another area. We have the same shrub planted 20 feet away and it is fine. If it is a disease what would the treatment be? Thank you for your time! Robert Kolb

Anoka County Minnesota spruce

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It is not possible to diagnose a spruce disease without actually looking at the needles with a magnifying glass. It could just be that the areas were injured in some way and are now just showing up. However, please look at the various possibilities in this link and see if anything matches with your magnified exam. If not, you could call a certified arborist to make an on-site exam. There also is a link to that site.