dogwood sawfly larvae

Asked August 19, 2017, 4:08 PM EDT

Hi! We have lots of little and big sawfly larvae demolishing our dogwood trees and red twig dogwood shrubs. Should we try to remove some of them or leave them for the birds? The shrubs and trees are about 3 years old. Does this make a difference? Thanks!

Baltimore County Maryland

2 Responses

If the trees and or shrubs are not too tall, you can pick them off and drop into a bucket of soapy water. You can also hose them off and let the birds eat them once they drop off on the ground.
The trees and shrubs should have enough carbohydrates in their root system to put out new growth next season.

Hi MH, I appreciate the quick response! We have lots of fledglings that will enjoy the bounty! Thanks! Peg