Lawn Care and Grass Identification

Asked August 19, 2017, 7:16 AM EDT

Hello, I want to start to care for the lawn and I have a ton of different weeds, but I do not know what my base lawn grass is to start to treat the weeds without killing the grass. Is there a resource to help determine the base grass I have in my lawn. I live in Perry Hall. I have included three photos of areas in my lawn that I think are more grass then weeds and the grass I think I would like to keep and spread over my entire lawn. Thank you for your help

Baltimore County Maryland

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We viewed your photos but we cannot identify the lawn grasses. It is difficult to identify grasses as you need to be able to see leaf hairs, sheaths, root system, etc. You can look on the internet as we do not have leaf keys on our website.

Most likely you have several types of turf type tall fescue in your lawn. This is a type of cool season grass recommended for full sun to part shade. Here is a list of recommended cultivars
View our weed gallery for a list of grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Concentrate on overseeding to get a thick stand of turf. Best time to do this is late August through mid October. Test your soil, treat weeds, core aerate and/or overseed, and fertilize in the fall. See our publications on Overseeding and Turfgrass Maintenance