Last ?- - patio tomato

Asked August 18, 2017, 5:15 PM EDT

This is my first experience w Patio tomato. Creatures have eaten all but one, deer grazed the shoots, sad story. Is it too sick to save now? Thank you, Barbara

Baltimore County Maryland

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It looks like there are some symptoms of septoria leaf spot and early blight on the foliage. These are very common problems in tomatoes in our area. The humidity and moisture are ideal for development of these fungal diseases, and they co-occur around the same time. The management practices for both of these diseases is the same. Take a look at the following page on our website.

This plant looks finished for the season. Any tomatoes that have started to ripen can be brought inside to finish ripening. (Do not refrigerated them.) In the future, consider choosing tomato varieties that have disease resistance. Cornell University is a good source for suggested varieties.