Asked August 18, 2017, 8:32 AM EDT

I need consultation on the grass in my paddock I have had two horses founder I need an analysis who do I call

Fayette County Kentucky

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Call Nick Carter, he is the Ag Agent in Fayette County. Phone: (859) 257-5582

However, if horses have already foundered in the grass, regardless of grass type, you need to remove them from grass altogether. The grass right now is growing very strongly and full of sugars. Sugar content is higher in the afternoon and evening, and lowest in the early morning. So problem horses need to be off grass all day, except maybe for 2 hours between 6-8 AM. The grass changes its composition in November again, with less sugar content. And then it becomes dangerous again in April/May.
The safest approach is to move horses to a dry lot and feed them hay.

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