Rabbit meat pen

Asked August 17, 2017, 8:31 PM EDT

I'm raising Californian meat pen rabbits and one of my does is almost 2 years old now, I was wondering if it is still worth it to breed her for the meat pen babies.

Acadia Parish Louisiana

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Two years is not too old to breed. However, you do want to keep her in production year-around to get best results when you breed her for the meat pen. Also, be aware that overweight does also have a much lower conception rate than those that are of ideal weight.

Thank you for answering my question. I also have another one. I also have two more Californian meat pen rabbits and they are about 8 months old, the 2 year old and the two 8 month old rabbits have never been breed. Would it affect their babies quality in any way?

Not quality but does reduce the likelihood that they will conceive and raise the litter if the conceive on the first attempt. It also could mean a reduction in litter size. Best practice is to keep them in production year around so that their success is more likely when the meat pen litter is needed.