What variety of apple tree is this

Asked August 17, 2017, 5:18 PM EDT

Apples are falling off the tree. We bought this house and don't know what is the name of the apple and if we should be picking them now. What do you advise? Thanks, Dawn

Wright County Minnesota

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From Dr. Jim Luby, U of MN faculty:
We can not positively identify a cultivar visually though we can sometimes make a guess. The history of the plant is very important and unfortunately, people often don't know it. However, you can read about the plant especially if they know it's a University release and narrow down your fruit ID to 2-3 cultivars based on size, color, fruiting time. etc. Here are some resources to help:

Also, here is a nice discussion about identifying apple varieties. Though it is written about English varieties, all the principles are universal.

If you want to pursue more conclusive testing, UC-Davis will accept samples for DNA fingerprinting. Cost is $345 per sample.