Moles are driving me crazy!!

Asked August 17, 2017, 2:46 PM EDT

How can I eliminate moles in my garden and around my house? We Live on 2-acres next to Starker and McDonald Forest so I realize it's going to be a continual problem. We've lived here for 11-years and they just appeared that last 2-3 years.

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Please send a photo of the mound. There is a difference between a mole mound and a gopher mound. This is important as the method of eradication is very different. If you are unable to send the photo, please describe the mound. The mole mound looks like a volcano with the hole in the center of the mound. The gopher hole looks like a horse shoe, with the hole in the middle of the inside curve of the mound. Looking forward to getting your response.

Did you ever get rid of your voles?

They're definitely moles! I've caught 3 but have not been able to catch any lately. I have thought about using poison worms but are concerned about my dogs and other animals around here. Thanks for your help

I agree with you, about not using poison to kill mole, gophers, or voles. All three are prey of owls, hawks, and several mammals, to include pets (dogs and cats). In my opinion, for a home owner with pets, the danger of a pet eating a poisoned mole, gopher, or vole is too great to take the chance.

Some things to consider about the mole; the mole is an insectivore and eats only insects. They do not eat your plants. They may do relatively minimal damage to a plant getting insects that live within the root system of the plant. They do a great job of aerating your soil.

Here is the link to an excellent Oregon State University paper on Moles and how to control them. There is a section on kill traps that should be helpful. Some of the local large nurseries give classes on selecting and utilization of various mole traps.

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