White Oak Acorn drop -- timing?

Asked August 17, 2017, 7:43 AM EDT

Hi, My white oak - (diameter is 25" at 41/2' high; height estimated 55-60') - began dropping small immature acorns a few weeks ago. Within the last week, green acorns have fallen. This seems to be earlier than I recall. Is this typical in the Crofton area for this year or is this indicative of a declining tree? Many thanks!

Anne Arundel County Maryland white oaks dropping acorns

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White oak trees and others produce varying numbers of acorns from year to year. This can vary due to genetics, weather conditions, etc. and does not mean the tree is declining. As the tree gets older, there is also more acorns to drop.


Thanks! I am more concerned about timing vice quantity as I understand that early acorn drop can be a sign of declining tree health. Am curious as to whether other oaks in Anne Arundel began dropping acorns at the start of August. Many thanks!

We have not received any reports indicating that oak trees in Anne Arundel County have started dropping acorns earlier than usual this year. Early acorn drop can be an indicator that trees are stressed in some way, and they could be aborting a portion of the crop for the sake of the overall health of the tree. Another possibility is that the trees might be dropping underdeveloped acorns that were not pollinated due to unfavorable conditions during the bloom period in the spring.


Thank you!