Choke berry

Asked August 16, 2017, 4:58 PM EDT

There are beautiful purple berries on my choke berry bush, but the leaves are yellowing and turning brown, then withering and dying. The berries wither as well as the leaves die. The birds are not eating the good berries as they did last year. The bush is 3 years old. What do I do? The problem started a week or so ago.

Baltimore Maryland aronia leaves yellowing chokeberries berries declining

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You can send us photos of the plant, affected foliage, and berries so we can see what you may be dealing with.
We cannot say for sure why the plants are declining. Could be a site issue, poor drainage, possible disease problems, etc. This has been a wet season and chokeberries can be susceptible to several diseases such as rust and scab.
The U of MD is researching aronia for organic fruit production and has a good link on management, pests, and diseases. There are few control options and cultural controls are recommended. Sanitation is recommended. Rake up fallen leaves and berries and discard.