Cantaloupe Foilage problems

Asked August 16, 2017, 4:28 PM EDT

My cantaloupe leaves are affected by something, and despite my own research, I am still not sure what it is. They have brown spots with a yellow halo, which quickly turn to larger irregularly shaped brown patches. It affects the older leaves first, eventually turning them yellow and dying. The fruit seems to not be directly affected. It looks like there may be spores on the bottom side of the leaf on a brown patch. I will include photos. Vine stems seem to be okay. At this point, do I bother treating, or is it too late? Considering the use of a fungicide. Thank you!

Saginaw County Michigan plant disease cantaloupe

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Your picture and description strongly suggest that your cantaloupe has downy mildew. The yellow halo is indicative of downy mildew in cantaloupe. The sporing bodies on the bottom side of the leaf also suggest downy mildew. The disease has been found in your area of the state. Treatment at this point may slow the progress so the melons can reach maturity. Take a look at the following links for more detailed information:

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