Is this a Northern Black Widow?

Asked August 15, 2017, 9:24 PM EDT

So I've recently done my research on what this spider is. Everything that I've been looking at says it's a Northern Black Widow Spider. I've seen pictures of them and this looks like a baby. I'm just curious because lots of websites say they normally live in the northeast side of the United States. But this one was found in California.

Lassen County California

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Yes, I would agree that the markings look like a northern black widow. I am going to send your photo on to an Entomologist and get back with you.

With our transport systems going across the country quickly it is not uncommon to find different species in nontypical areas, the key is if they survive and if they traveled with a mate to be able to survive and reproduce. Once we have a positive Id I can provide you with more information.