Wet full sun slope

Asked August 15, 2017, 6:44 PM EDT

Hello, What is the best ground cover for a wet hill that has full sun? We have a lot of low juniper, so would like to stay away from evergreens. Thank you.

Rensselaer County New York

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That is quite a combination of complicated conditions!

Here are a few plants that grow well in wet conditions and can tolerate full sun. (Please note that planting zones in Rensselaer County vary from 3b to 7b, so check that these plants work in your particular zone). If your hill is quite steep, you may need to build a bit of support for plants so that erosion isn't a problem or establish "shelves" of level soil. You can also use rough coir matting with holes cut for plants to help establish soil stability around new plantings.

Soil condition is generally poor on hillsides, so do start with improving your soil and preparing the site properly. Mulch generously. Consider testing your soil before planting. Testing can be done through the Rensselaer County Cooperative Extension.

Hibiscus moscheutos
Iris versicolor
Iris ensata
Caltha palustris
Vernonia noveboracensis
Aronia arbutifolia
Clethra alnifolia
Cornus sericea