Guinea fowl egg heat needs.

Asked August 15, 2017, 3:04 PM EDT

I have a guinea hen that has been laying on around 30 eggs in a nest. Yesterday one of the eggs hatched. Today she and the chick have left the nest and have running around most of the day with the other Guineas. I am curious as to the heat need of the remaining eggs, and if she will return to this nest to incubate the remaining 20 something eggs. Currently air temperatures are in the 90's with heat index in the 100s so I'm not sure if that means the nest can last until nighttime with the guinea returning to it or not or do you even thing she will return to the nest?

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Atascosa County Texas

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It is hard to say what the hen will do, but the daytime temperatures should be sufficient for the remaining eggs to continue to incubate if they contain viable embryos. Most fowl eggs require an incubation temperature near 100 degrees, so they should be fine in the daytime. In the later stages of incubation, the embryos are large enough and generate enough heat through metabolism that they are actually giving off heat. That is probably why the hen leaves them during the day, so they can actually lose heat. She knows what she is doing, so do not worry too much. At this point, there is little a human can do to intervene with success.