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Asked August 15, 2017, 11:30 AM EDT

I am plagued with wire grass , is there an easier way to kill it than pulling it, that will not harm my ornamental plants?

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Thank you for your question.

This link has Information about the life cycle and control of bermudagrass or “wiregrass”


If you can shield the ornamental plants from getting a non-selective (will kill what it touches) herbicide on them during herbicide application, this is one way to control the bermudagrass if you carefully apply this product near plants you want to keep.

There are other grass-selective herbicides that can be used near ornamental plants that should not affect the ornamentals – BUT caution should be used and the label of the product you use should be consulted. If you have questions, call the 800 number on the label to be sure. Some ornamental plants you have may be fine, but others may not. More than one application may be needed. Consult the label of the product you are using.

Applying herbicides now will be beneficial as this weed is a warm-season grass and will not stay green after the first "hard" frost. You will weaken it prior to going dormant.

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