Ground bee's nest

Asked August 14, 2017, 11:41 AM EDT

I have a nest in the ground beside my back door and have been stung twice, the last time I had five stings. I need to get rid of the nest or encourage them to move elsewhere. It appears to be yellow jackets from the size and color. Will they survive the winter in this nest? How can I get rid of the nest if not.

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Most likely your insect is a yellow jacket, which is a kind of wasp. Ground bees are solitary. Yellow jackets nest in rotted wood or debris near ground level. They are very aggressive. The insects will not survive the winter and they don't use the same nest.

I do not consider removing a yellow jacket nest a DIY project. I've been stung too many times. If you insist on this, treat the nest at night while the insects are less active and in the nest. Read here on instructions on how to do this:

Otherwise, call an exterminator.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I may then have misidentified the bee nest as there were smaller bees coming up out of the ground. They also stung me but were far less lethal. Were these young bees of another species? Glad to hear that they won't use the same nest next year.

I still think they are yellow jackets, not bees. Bee stings are nasty because the stinger remains in the wound. You'd know if you had a bee sting. I said yellow jackets are aggressive, but the individual stings aren't as potent as a bee sting (at least for me). A single yellow jacket can sting multiple times, a bee only once.

We always recommend leaving a yellow jacket nest alone unless it is near people or buildings. Cold weather will take care of them.