Burr Oak Blight or Oak Wilt?

Asked August 14, 2017, 7:45 AM EDT

I live in Emmitsburg, MD and am having a problem with some Burr Oaks on my property. The leaves turn brown over a period of several weeks and then fall off. Do you know if this is Burr Oak blight or is this Oak Wilt? Also, is this fatal? Should I just go ahead and pull up the affected trees and burn them? Trees that lost all their leaves are pushing out new leaves. Too early to tell if they will brown as well. These are all trees I bought from the same nursery and planted in the lasts 12 months. I have more mature oaks of several different species that I don’t want to loose. Or is it too late? Any thoughts you have would be much appreciated. Thanks,

Frederick County Maryland

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It is not either of the diseases you mention. Our plant pathologist looked at your photos and thinks that this is Oak Anthracnose.
It is not usually fatal unless the trees are very small.
Here is a page about it: https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/shade-tree-anthracnose-trees