Oozing Sap at base of Locust Tree

Asked August 13, 2017, 4:50 PM EDT

My wife and I recently purchased and planted a "Shade Master" Honey Locust tree. It has been doing well, but we just noticed an issue at the base of the tree (0630) where the graft is. There is some kind of sap oozing from the graft (0628) and at the base (0634).

Is this cause for concern, and can anything be done about it?

Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Hi there.

It looks like you may have bacterial wetwood.

Here is a great fact sheet on this issue:


There are some management strategies you can employ to help but there is no real cure.
The good news is that it is typically not fatal.

I hope this helps

Daniel G.,

Thank you for the information. We have a follow-up question now that winter is coming.

Come November, we will be wrapping this tree. Before we do, is there any preparation we should take such as applying a fungicide or removing any oozing sap?

Steve and Margaret Beatty

Hi there,

Tree wrap is great for thin-barked trees like your young Honey Locust. Just be sure to get actual tree wrap and take it off in April.

There is no need to treat before you wrap the tree. It should heal up nicely and if it does not, let us know.