Slow growth

Asked August 13, 2017, 8:25 AM EDT

I started my fall veg. & herbs about 4 weeks ago. I thought I was right on time with this. I used "pro mix" to start the seeds. Kept soil damp. I fed them fish emulsion last week hoping to give them a little "push". They are not going to be ready to go in the ground in the next month from the looks of them. Any thoughts? Am I just being impatient? I have been starting my own plants by seed for over17 yrs. But not as much the fall variety. Don't think that should matter though. Thank you ,

Prince George's County Maryland

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We viewed your photos. Looks like the seedlings are growing in low light and need thinning. Take a look at our website for step by step information on starting seeds indoors. Once seedlings germinate they need strong light. Place them 1-2” beneath a fluorescent fixture for 14 to16 hours a day. If light is inadequate they will stretch to reach it. You want strong stocky plants.

Also, do not sow the seeds too thick. Removing excess plants is called “thinning.” You can gently pull the excess plants out by hand or cut them at the surface with scissors. They can be composted or depending on what you are growing added to your salad. Next year you can increase the spacing to about 1-2 inches depending on what you are growing.

Now it would be okay to plant your seedlings and protect with row cover.